Weather forecast Flic en Flac, Mauritius :
Partly cloudy with a Light air of 1.6 km/h , the temperature will be 24°C with rainfall of 0.1 mm and an atmospheric pressure of 1011.8 hectopascal.
Local Time :
Forecast, meteo, climate and temperatures in Mauritius
In Mauritius, there are two major seasons that is directly related to temperature, sun and cyclones ... they vary somewhat between summer and winter, but we are far from the winter temperatures of Europe ... Mauritius enjoys a pleasant tropical weather of the southern hemisphere. Please read below for detailed weather trends of each period of the year (and average temperatures of air and water), in order to choose the most suitable period for your stay on the island.
Mauritius is situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean, belonging to the Mascarene archipelago. Although of volcanic origin, the island no longer have any active volcano. Port Louis is the capital.

Sunrise : 2014-12-20T05:27:07
Sunset : 2014-12-20T18:48:53
High : 23h19
Low : 04h42

Weather in October, November, December in Mauritius : dry inter-seasons

The most costly season in Mauritius
October really marks the beginning of the heat during the day (up to 28 ° C), evenings and nights warmer, the sea offers a pleasant temperature of around 26 ° C. The rains are occasional or non-existent, making it a popular season for a trip to Mauritius.

Between the periods that we recommend:
- Late October / December, but November for Thanksgiving holiday: time to focus on family
- First half of December: certainly the most beneficial and enjoyable period under the hot and dry climate on the one hand, and very interesting promotional offers from hotels.

Weather in January, February and March: the austral summer moves in

Summer season in Mauritius
The austral summer tip his nose to the end of December and lasts until the end of March. The days are particularly hot in temperatures easily reaching 30 °C but the sea breeze still reduce the feeling of intense heat. Be especially wary of the sun between 10 am and 3 pm, and prefer sunscreen factor 40 to 50.

At night, temperatures are still high and the air conditioning will make the stay more enjoyable ... Normally, all hotels are equipped with air conditioning and / or fans. The lagoon at 28 °C will delight the most cautious.

It is a pleasant season for those not afraid of heat ... However, be aware that this is also the season of heavy tropical storms or cyclones (worry very rare as we note the passing of a cyclone on the island once every one or two years).

If this period can cause several days of rain, know that hotels are no risk in case of major depression, and everything is done to make your stay more enjoyable. Super nice period for lovers of heat and water, swimming, diving, water sports of all kinds.

Weather in April in Mauritius: the month of transition to the austral winter

April month in Mauritius
With November and December, the month of April is certainly the most attractive time to visit Mauritius. Rather dry, there have been less scorching temperatures during the day and warmer nights. The sea is still warm, around 26 ° C, which contributes to the success of the Easter holiday period.

A tip: Plan your holidays in April several months in advance to have a selection of hotels and deals that meet your expectations. This is the ideal month for family travel to Mauritius with "bout'chous" of all ages as the temperatures of the air and water are really nice.

Weather in May, June, July, August, September: the austral winter in Mauritius

Austral season, the ideal season for kitesurf in Mauritius
We're talking "winter" but know that the average temperature is still 25 °C, if the weather is sunny. The nights are cooler, temperatures can drop to 15 °C. The rains may be more frequent but as fine showers. Swimming is pleasant with a sea at 24 °C in the lagoon.
Cream factor 30 will be enough to protect you during the hottest hours. A light wool will also be in order if you want to enjoy dinner feet in the sand. At this time, this is the perfect opportunity for a spa stay in Mauritius, special relaxation and well-being, most hotels will offer you a concocted daily or weekly program.

Another feature of this austral winter: the presence of the trade winds blowing southeast between 10 and 20 knots. Particularly strong on the south and east coasts, we can not advise you better hotel in the north or west to be better protected ... Unless you're a fan of kitesurfing, the coast is of course will be preferred! More broadly, the Indian Ocean island offers a panel where the climate is incredibly good all year ... Choose your destination by looking for better climate : Reunion, Rodrigues, Seychelles, Maldives.